I remember so vividly saying that I would trust him no matter what, but what happens when it doesn’t look like I thought it would? What happens when the natural realm looks like the complete and total opposite of what God says?


The Cost is High

I never truly knew how much it would cost to give Jesus everything.

Too Expensive

I had such a difficult time accepting such a generous gift. It didn’t make much sense to me at all, that a person would want to spend that much of their own finances on me, who didn’t deserve it.


Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape are all categories of things I have personally experienced over the past several years. The journey has been long and difficult, and challenges have arisen that I never in my life would have expected.

I Have Faith

I will battle in prayer. I will silence Satan’s attempts to bring back the anxiety and depression that I have already been healed of. I will not back down, and I know beyond any doubt that my God WILL provide for me.