True Unconditional Love

We all want to be loved. That’s just part of being human. God created us with a need for love and affection. It’s a natural part of life. Even the most introverted of us need people in our lives who truly care about us. But how do we tell the difference between someone who genuinely cares and someone who uses us for their own personal gain?

People are born sinners. We are all evil. We can’t help it. We are all selfish and all do things simply because we think it will better ourselves. But does this get in the way of us really loving people? Sometimes in our search for companionship or friendships we can get our mind set in the wrong place. It isn’t about us and our feelings. It is about the other person and what we can offer them.

I have recently realized that most of my “friends” are simply in the friendship for the convenience of it or what they can get out of it. But what just now dawned on me is that I do the exact same thing. We all do. We often forget that we love people because we are commanded to, not because of what they can do for us or how they make us feel. God loved us before we even knew what love was, and he calls us to love other people in the same way. We are to love all people, regardless of their race, religion, social standing, or intelligence level. No matter how successful they are, no matter how much they do for others, we are to love them no matter what. We are to love them even if they do not love us in return. This, I believe, is where we get tripped up. Because of our longing to feel loved we often disregard people who don’t love us. We prefer to spend our time pursuing people who will share the same love and care as we do. But this is wrong. This is sinful. God loved us even when we were unloveable. He loved us even when we hated him and mocked his very name. If God can show this love to us, why can’t we show this love to other people?

No matter what relationship it is, our love for other people should be about something much deeper than whether or not they care for us. Don’t just use people to feel companionship. Love people unconditionally, because that is what we are commanded to do.


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