A God Who is Worthy

I’ve noticed something that recently that seems happen to the majority of Christians. I guess I never really thought about how common it was. But the more I look around me and take in what I see, the more that I see this happening all over the church. I see people who only praise when times are rough.

You know the drill. Things go wrong, you praise God through it all. You have faith and trust in what He promises and rely on Him to get you through. Once you’re through it, however, you stop remembering how much He saves you from on a daily basis. There are so many things that we take for granted in the United States. Think about it. Electricity, running water, food at our fingertips whenever we want it, family and friends who care about us and want to see us succeed, and so many more things are all things that people all over the world are craving and desperate for. There are people who are cold and desperate for warmth. There are people who are dirty and just want to feel clean. There are people who are hungry and weak from lack of proper nutrition. There are people who go completely unloved by all of humanity around them, and feel as if living isn’t even worth it anymore. Why do we forget to praise God for these blessings? Why do we refuse to recognize His hand in every area of our life?

I’m not saying that we don’t go through tough times, because we do. The situations may be different, but even in the United States we feel just as much emotional pain and agony. But when we don’t feel this pain, and we feel completely content with our lives, we need to constantly remind ourselves of what our life has been, could be, and most likely will be in the future. This life was not created for our comfort. We were not put on this earth to be completely happy our entire lives. We are promised suffering and trials. But that is the beauty of happiness. The pain makes the happiness so much sweeter. Instead of letting our happiness make us feel independent of God, I pray that we would allow the good times to remind us of His goodness. Let us praise God for what He has brought us through and what He is yet to bring us through. Let us praise God constantly for not only what He does, but for who He is. Not only does He love, but He IS love. He doesn’t simply give peace and hope, He IS peace and hope. He is immeasurably more than all that we could ask or imagine. He heals the brokenhearted. He keeps his promises. He never gives up on us, even when we give up on Him. He is incredible. There are no words to describe His love. Let us stand in awe of all He is and take seriously our calling to never stop telling His message of life and hope to everyone around us, for He is worthy of all praise and glory.


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