It seems like something so simple. It’s something that many people are used to. Something that is simply a part of their life, and maybe even an annoyance. A part of an everyday winter routine that they could definitely live without. To many of us, snow is exciting. Those of us born and raised in the south hardly ever get to see the white expanse of powder in front of us, and when we do our first reaction is to dive in and play as if we were five years old again. Being at such a large college gives me the opportunity to see people from all different walks of life experience snow in different ways. I get to see the Michigan native walk past the large snow banks with their scarves tied all the way around their necks, maneuvering their way quickly through the slush in order to get to class on time. I get to see the California boy who usually rides his longboard everywhere suddenly looking extremely different and out of place, unable to use his usual mode of transportation. I see the couple who play around with each other and throw wimpy snowballs in their adorable attempt at flirting. I see the HUNDREDS of people from the deep south who take a photo and post it to their snapchat, knowing full well how envious their friends and family back home are. I get to see the international student who can hardly speak fluent English just sit and stare at the beauty before them in awe, unbelieving that they actually get to attend this school and see this wonderful act of nature. There are countless stories and too many beautiful faces that I get to see when it snows. All of them unique, and all of them beautiful.

Today was different though.

Today, the snow meant something.

I know how crazy I sound. I know people are going to tell me how much of a stretch this is, and that all of it is in my head. But to me, it was so real. My weekend was rough. I dealt with so many emotions, and I spent so much time in deep prayer just asking God to take away the pain. I was constantly begging God to restore my relationships, and to show me that he still had a plan for me through all of the struggles. I just needed to know he was still there. I needed to know he heard me, and that he was still loving me. And then I woke up and saw the snow and I was just completely overwhelmed with the knowledge that he IS there. Much like the rainbow in Genesis that was a sign of God’s promise to Noah, it was as if the snow that I saw falling gently and beautifully was a promise that he was still there through it all. I knew immediately that no matter what I faced, no matter what I felt, he still loved me tremendously and I am still his child. No amount of hardship can ever change who he says that I am. It was a beautiful sight, accompanied by a gentle whisper straight from God. I am overwhelmed daily by how he shows us in the most unexpected ways that he is there, and that he cares for us always.


One thought on “Snow

  1. Gramps says:

    What an experience to read your thought provoking blog entries, Hannah! What a lesson to be learned and gained in seeing in print the awesomeness of God and the certainty of His intervention into our lives when we need it most. Each of us and surely I have been at the point of despair, only to recognize that the Creator walks with us to exhort us, to lead us, and even to carry us through those darkest of times. It thrills your Grandmother and I to see that in your young life, as well, He continues that irrefutable, incontrovertible pattern!

    It’s regrettable that we all find ourselves from time to time in a morass that seems to be more than we can handle. Oft times, or even MOST times, it IS more than we can handle. He can. And it’s a joy to see your recognition of that amazing reality.

    We must, incidentally, as a part of this note, commend you on your extraordinary ability to convey your sense of experience in these instances alongside the wonder coupled with them. This is obviously another manifestation of God into your life… this magnificent gift of expression that you have. It surely has been granted to you for a purpose, and we thank you profusely for applying it to that purpose.

    Gigi has said to me (quoting from conversations she has had with you) that it comes very difficult to you… that you labor heavily to write and then seem to find only what seems to be a meagerness of words. Please keep in mind that it is never the quantity of words that find their way to meaningful expression, but the quality. The quality of yours is matchless. Thank you.

    Keep writing. Keep letting the world know what so many others need to know: that the Lord God can, will, and does sustain us. Praise Him!


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