Wreck-It-Ralph: Keep Out the Cy-Bugs

I know, I know. Here we go again.


“Where have you been? Where’s the new blog posts?”


And then I get on and type a story of why I couldn’t meet my deadline. I really do feel awful, but the reality of a ministry filled life includes the reality of busyness. I will be posting a life update soon, with details on my personal life, ministry, and the possibility of a new posting schedule to fit my needs. With all that being said, I DO want to go into some detail of why the past couple of weeks have been especially difficult.


I never shy away on my blog from spiritual warfare and the reality of the evil that contrasts the Good Father. Normally, however, I try to keep things partially vague, and instead focus on specifics of the ways God works. I LOVE talking about His Power, His Healing, and His Spiritual Gifts given to EVERY SINGLE believer. But I would be doing a disservice to my fellow brothers and sisters in the faith if I did not speak of things God is teaching me about fighting off evil and exposing some of the common tactics of the enemy.


The past few weeks, the enemy has become more and more obvious in my life. As I learn more about who he is, and as I pray for God to shine a light in the dark places he hides, he begins to not even attempt to hide himself anymore. He is showing his true colors, and rather than lurk in the shadows he is throwing darts of fear right for my weakest areas, the places that I have already failed before. It’s been intensive. There has been no rest. I don’t get to fight at prayer service on Tuesday nights and then rest well and have a beautiful Wednesday. I am living in a 24/7 battle that the Lord called me to long ago. There is a consistent lifestyle of rebuking lies out loud, even when I’m in the car by myself. It’s asking God to bind the demonic spirits running rampant in Walmart and asking that they not be allowed anywhere near me. It’s showing kindness and love to those who are wearing pentagrams and other pagan symbols. It’s showing Christ to people that have demonic spirits whispering in their ears to hate me, even if they themselves don’t even know why. It’s not dwelling on my anger at Satan and his cronies, but letting my soul rest in the shelter of the Most High God and doing everything in His Strength rather than my own.


There is a reality here that I want to make clear: I am not special in this regard. This is a truth for every single believer. The presence of the Holy Spirit in your life makes you a moving and breathing target. This is not to say we should fear, for Scripture says that fear is not from God. (John 14:27, 2 Timothy 1:7, Joshua 1:9) This IS, however, a call to be aware of things going on around you and even that you participate in that is destructive to your intimacy with God and ruins your life, eating you alive from the inside out. The enemy doesn’t stop hating you simply because you are dormant. Pretending he does not exist does not change the fact that he is watching you and planning his next move. The Bible says that he is out to literally steal, kill, and DESTROY you (John 10:10). This cannot be ignored. As Children of God, it is our responsibility to close down the portals in our life that allow him in. It is our job to live righteously, and keep our mind set on things of God rather than the world (Colossians 3:1-2, Philippians 4:8).


Think of it this way. Have you ever seen the movie Wreck-It-Ralph? Aside from it being awesome because it’s Disney and hilarious, there is a spiritual parallel in it that can change everything. In this movie, Ralph decides he hates his purpose and seeks to change his identity. He hates where he has been placed, and he desires to be anything but what he was created to be. He journeys into some other games, in search of the place he fits. Along the way, he enters into a game called Hero’s Duty. Within this game, we discover Cy-Bugs, an insect-like robotic creature that seeks only to destroy everything it touches. It becomes a virus wherever it is, multiplying and feeding on its surroundings. When Ralph encounters these creatures, completely unprepared, he unintentionally allows them into every other game in the arcade. Are you getting this? They attempt to destroy EVERYTHING, not just Ralph. They use the unawareness that Ralph has to infiltrate the lives of every single person around him.


“Cy-Bugs are like a virus. They don’t know they’re in a game. All they know is eat, kill, multiply! Without a beacon to stop them, they’ll consume Sugar Rush! But do you think they’ll stop there?”


“WRONG! Viruses do not stop! Once those Cy-Bugs finish off Sugar Rush, they’ll invade every other game until this arcade is nothing but a smoking husk of forgotten dreams.”

  • Sergeant Calhoun explaining Cy-Bugs to Fix-It-Felix, Jr.


I am using the Cy-Bugs here as a metaphor for how the enemy works in our lives. Ralph had bought into the idea that he wasn’t enough in the role he was created for, and went out to seek things that he thought would be better. Often, in our own lives, we trade in our calling and the lives God made us for in search of something different. But when we enter a place we were never supposed to be in the first place, we open a door that allows the enemy and his henchmen to do whatever they want in our lives. Because we left the door open, we are the ones allowing it and we can’t stop it on our own. And it doesn’t just affect us! It pushes past what we even unintentionally invited it to do, and infiltrates the lives of those around us as well!


So, how do we stop it?


In the movie, the only thing that can annihilate the infestation and destroy every last one is a beacon of light. Are you seeing the parallel here? Jesus said He WAS the light (John 8:12) When the enemy has his way, we have the ability to invite the Light in and destroy every last one of his minions. Lives can be restored, dreams can resurface, and we can live the life we were designed to live.


So what’s the takeaway here?


Don’t open doors to let the enemy into your life.


It isn’t worth it. We have to look to the truth of Scripture and remind ourselves when we can’t see things working out that God is good and knows the plans He has for us for our good. (Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28). Don’t let your imagination run wild with how things could be if you only compromised a little bit (2 Corinthians 10:5). No matter how much you want to, you can’t control the enemy, and trying could be fatal. And if you already have opened that door, recognize that God can save you from the pit and tear down every single wall that separates you from Him.


All you have to do is ask.


3 thoughts on “Wreck-It-Ralph: Keep Out the Cy-Bugs

  1. Gramps says:

    Right-it-Rabbi can always, at his discretion, lay waste to Wreck-it-Ralph. The Jews and others following him on the byways of Galilee and Jerusalem saw it to be true… the miracle of his touch. It’s true today. Blessed be his name


  2. Gary Wolfe says:

    Hannah dear. You have learned so well that the evil one is out to destroy; but, you have also learned how to be dressed for battle to resist him (Ephesians 6:14-17). You epress yourself so well (there it goes again – – your GIFT to write). I feel this will touch many lives and open eyes to satan’s attacks. But, it will open eyes to realize God’s POWER to overcome, I have learned that praising God is a great help in defeating the evil one.

    I love you so much sweet granddaughter. It hurts me when I know you are hurting. It blesses me when you are being blessed. Not a day goes by that you are in my prayers several times – – sometimes all day. Wish I could hug you and tell you how much I love you, and even more importantly, how much the Lord Jesus Christ loves you. You are His Princess and He is preparing a magnificent Home for you (and all of us who belong to Him). In the meantime, we are to live for Him and reach out to the lost and to other believers.

    Your loving GGG.


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