By now most people know my past. Sexual harassment, sexual assault, and rape are all categories of things I have personally experienced over the past several years. The journey has been long and difficult, and challenges have arisen that I never in my life would have expected.


My heart has broken the past few days over the amount of people I have seen post their admittance to being the victims of such heinous crimes. Tears ran down my cheeks as I realized that it was even more prevalent than I thought it was. I knew that statistically there were high numbers of people I knew that had gone through it, but seeing the specific people sharing their hearts made the reality sink in. My acquaintances, my best friends, and even ex boyfriends posting that they have been through the exact same things.


I’m coming to see more and more how these social injustices are affecting life for everyone around us without even realizing it. Men and women that experience these things most commonly lead lives full of distrust and fear. Women who are so afraid of men that they can’t even trust their husband, who loves them more than anyone else in the world. Men who don’t let their emotional walls down for fear that the women they open up to have only the motive of getting into their pants. We are even told that it will always be this way! We are fed the lie that we are now forced to live broken for the rest of our lives, with no hope for repair.


I want to make it PAINFULLY clear: YOU CAN HEAL.


I am not a special butterfly. I am not the only one that gets to experience inner healing at this level. I am not pretending when I say that my past experiences don’t have ANY effect on my life today. Through healing, I have learned to trust men again. Through forgiveness, I have even gotten to the point of not living in hatred for my attackers and instead see them as beautiful creatures of God that are WORTHY of love. I’m not crazy; I simply do not have to live in my pain any longer.


This healing is available to all. No matter your race, gender, sexual orientation, religious background, cultural experiences, or anything else in the entire universe, you have the ability to walk away with your head high and your future bright.


I don’t want to step on toes, but the reality is this: true and complete healing ONLY comes from Jesus Christ.

He is with you. He is for you. He supports you. He loves you. He sees your brokenness and still sees potential beyond belief. He wants to be your friend, your mentor, and your doctor. He wants to teach you to trust again and teach you to love. He can do these things. You just have to let him.


So, yes. #MeToo


But you know what?


Miracles still exist. And #GodStillHeals


One thought on “#MeToo

  1. Lee Ammerman says:

    PREACH SISTER! As someone who has gone through, and put others through this.. I understand. Sin is a monster, and it needs to be destroyed. And I too have been healed from this. Maybe not like others, but who’s story makes another better than someone else? We can all be free. I love this.

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