Jehovah Jireh – God Provides

I am flabbergasted. I am speechless at the power of prayer.


I have spent months looking for a new job, and spent night after night crying over my lack of finances. A few weeks ago, I finally had enough of striving on my own and decided to simply pray about it. Not that I hadn’t been praying already, but I decided to press in and spend real time on my knees seeking what God desired for me. In me post two weeks ago, you saw me finally fed up with the enemy keeping God’s promises for me at bay. I had had enough of it, and I was ready to take an offensive position right back. With the Lord’s direction, I began fasting the next Tuesday night.


I will be transparent with you and say that there were three things I was fasting for, and my finances were the bottom of the list. There are still two things that I am waiting on breakthrough for, and I have seen through this process the power of God and have no doubt that He WILL be faithful to those things in his perfect timing. But throughout this fast I have seen my words tested and my Father prove himself faithful after my declarations of faith. At every moment I had an opportunity to either agree with the lies of the enemy or with the promises of my Provider, I chose to have faith when it didn’t make sense. I didn’t feel joyful or assured, but faith was being sure of what I HOPED for and certain of the things unseen (Hebrews 11:1). Even when it hurt and I didn’t feel like it, I chose truth. And each time, anywhere between 10 minutes and 3 hours later, I received invitations for job interviews. After only a few days, I had 3 interviews lined up and the possibility of a recommendation to a prestigious cosmetic brand position.


None of these were the Lord’s perfect will, though. These interviews were simply the Lord SHOWING his provision and reminding me that he was at work in the tough times and forever faithful to me.


A few days before the fast, I had driven a friend home and had gone inside to say hello to his family. Since moving to Delaware, this family has invested so much time into me, and I adore spending time with them. They asked about my job situation, and then prayed over both myself and their son to find the positions the Lord desires us to have. Now, this is where we see the most amazing things in the power of prayer. Despite the ridiculously high amount of positions I had applied for, they prayed for God to have somebody call and ask me to work for them without my even needing to apply. They asked for somebody to just see my work ethic and experience and seek me out, rather than me seeking them.


Folks, prayer works.


Late that Saturday night, I received a text from an agent with the nanny network I had tried to find a nanny position with. Right off the bat, she offered me a part time weekend position, and one text later asked if I would be interested in full time work with their agency. Less than 24 hours later, I was interviewed and received an official offer letter. I write to you today with my official notice in at my current work and less than one week away from starting a new position that’s perfect for me.


Prayer works. Prayer is powerful. I have seen the power of prayer at work in the last several weeks more than in my entire life. It isn’t a nice and comforting thing to just say to people who are struggling. It isn’t a ritual designed to prove who is a good Christian and who isn’t. Pray is battle. Prayer is war.


“Despite what we may or may not understand about prayer, God has deliberately chosen this particular vehicle as the one that drives His activity in people’s lives. It’s what He allows us to use to cooperate and partner with Him in the fulfilling of His will.”

“Prayer is the portal that brings the power of heaven down to earth. It is kryptonite to the enemy and to all his ploys against you.”

  • Priscilla Shirer, Fervent


Friends, do not be tempted to take prayer lightly. One of Satan’s greatest victories was making us put down our own most powerful weapon with the thought that it was ineffective. The enemy is terrified of your prayers. He trembles at the name of Jesus and screeches at the sounds of worship. Prayer is your number one defense, number one offense, and number one comfort. So take up your sword. Join in this fight with me. Because it works, and it is SO worth it.


Psalm 18:25, Matthew 19:29, Deuteronomy 28:11-13, Matthew 6:31-33


4 thoughts on “Jehovah Jireh – God Provides

  1. Gary Wolfe says:

    Along with you, I thank God for His promises. And I thank God for you and sharing your heart and “waiting” on Him. Jesus never fails. I like your quote from Priscilla S. It’s very true and very meaningful.

    Love you,



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