A New Chapter

I have had a lot of people ask me why I haven’t written a blog post in so long. People text me or email me or ask me in person what I’m waiting on. Did I get too busy? Did I run out of things to say? The truth is, there are many reasons that I have not written, and will likely continue to be sporadic in my writing from this point forward. I have gone through a massive journey, one where God has been and continues to change my paradigms and beliefs at their very core. Who I believed two years ago to be the person of Jesus Christ has come to be shown as nothing more than a false image and disguise of the enemy. And what I have discovered to be the truth and reality of what God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are has left me feeling completely out of my element, yet right where I am supposed to be.


I look back on other things I have posted on this blog and find myself in awe of how I could have had such incorrect views of so many different things. While not everything I wrote was wrong, there were still to many things that did not have the Holy Spirit stamp of approval on them. I wrote about dealing with depression, but never went through what it would look like to let God take it over COMPLETELY. I spoke of rape and sexual assault, with no thought to how God truly changes our traumatic experiences to still show Himself as love and beauty and peace.


I have learned that I have so much left to learn. I’ve discovered that not all of the voices I hear are God. I have found myself clinging to the moving, breathing, and Holy Spirit revealed Word of God with everything I am. I can no longer trust what I believed to be God speaking to me without having the Scripture confirmation to back it up. I am believing more than ever before that love, the true love of Christ, is the only thing that holds our world together.


I still believe in the God of miracles, and supernatural, and signs and wonders. I still believe in spiritual gifts, and prophecy, and hearing audibly from the God of the universe. I still believe that miracles are not only for today, but are to be performed by HIS power by HIS people. None of this has changed. In fact, everything I have experienced has driven me even closer to the truth of these facts.


What has changed about this blog is that I refuse to write anything that has not been poured over in prayer, drenched in the truth of the Word of God, and given specifically by the Holy Spirit. While I do not condemn myself for it, I can’t help but think of all of the people who have been falsely “encouraged” by the things that I had believed I was rightfully teaching. I know that Christ covers our weaknesses and holds none of this against me. I am not responsible for the things that I did not know, but I am responsible for the knowledge that I have now.


I move forward with daily prayer that God give me wisdom. James 1 promises that asking for wisdom with an unwavering heart will be answered with the gift of understanding. I believe that God has given blog this as a platform for Him to speak, and I intend to allow Him to continue to do that. I give him full control of what is spoken here. It may not look like that you have seen from me in the past; in fact, I can guarantee that it won’t. But I do know that He will do wonderful things through it, if I am willing to not only write what He desires but allow myself to be taught by it as well.


I look forward to what He has in the future, and am setting up a precedent right now for Him to get the glory for every letter and punctuation.


Now, let’s start this new chapter.


3 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. paulbalius says:

    From “glory to glory”! This is exactly what the normal Christian life should be, growing in the revelation of Who Jesus is by the teaching of the Holy Spirit within us, grounded on the Word of God, reaching into heaven for the things of God! Looking forward to reading what the Lord will pour through you.


  2. Gary Wolfe says:

    Hannah, dear, it’s exciting to your GiGi to “hear” your heart and to see what God is doing in your life. Nothing could give me greater joy than this (in all my loved ones).


    GiGi Granny


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